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Join the Tribe of Crystal Lovers

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Endurvinna isn’t just about crystals, it’s a community of like minded people who can connect and share their love of crystals and how they incorporate crystals into daily life.

Every crystal at Endurvinna is intuitively chosen, for high vibrations, energies and properties to enhance, aid and support your everyday life. Whether your are a novice, enthusiast or collector. Each and every crystal selected has you in mind.

Join the tribe and get the membership!

Every time you hit the check out you will be given a 20% discount!

Yep, that’s right 20% off every crystal purchase.

Membership also gives you exclusive access to monthly crystal focus news, that includes in depth information on a selected crystal, it will include a sample of the featured crystal that you can add to your collection. You will initially receive a folder (Crystal Bible) that you can add each months focus crystal, which over time becomes a wonderful keepsake and reference guide, for just $25 per month.

There will also be VIP members only exclusives, such as pre-sales, end of season, range and clearance items and free shipping for orders over $100.

Who can say no to that?


A crystal should be full of energy and vibrations that call out and gravitate towards yo for many different situations, intentions and needs. Endurvinna offers these magical, natural wonders to you.

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